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5 Free Fitness Apps To Get Your Routine On Point

A daily routine of fitness for some is easy, but for others it can be a test of wills and challenges.  Finding the right routine can be a combination of interest, body type and most importantly motivation.  Instead of going to the gym, why not try it at home first?

In my quest to refine my fitness routine, I started to explore apps and free ways to get in a workout in the comfort of my home.  So, here are 5 free apps and ways to find the best workout for you.  

  • 1. Amazon Prime
  • Watching TV on Amazon Prime is great, but who knew that in the back of all these films there are free fitness videos.  From Tae Bo, to low impact workouts,  Amazon Prime is easy to navigate and to pull up on your Smart TV for a workout by known celebrity trainers like Billy Blakes, Jillian Michaels, and so many more. If you don’t have Amazon Prime get a free 7-day trial. 

  • 2. Open Fit
  • On IG there are ads everywhere, but when I saw Heather Lindsey working out in her living room featuring Open Fit, I had to know how she was doing Pilates in her living room. Get Pilates, Strength Training, Core Workouts all at your fingertips (and within your schedule) with this  app available via the app store on your phone and on your TV as well. The workouts are hardcore and challenging enough to see results.  This comes with a 1 - 2 week free trial, and then approximately $30.00/per month which is almost the same  as a gym membership on its own, just in the comfort of your home. 

  • 3. Adidas Training App by Runtastic
  • Choose your level of fitness and keep up the momentum with friends and family with this essential app for at home fitness.  Free and available on Android and IOS, get powered up with the workout creator and special challenges to get your body to peak performance. 

  • 4. Body by Brooke Burke
  • Scrolling on the Roku Channel, ( a freely accessible channel where anyone can sign up on desktop or mobile), there are several options but the one which caught my eye was Brooke Burke Charvet’s app. Made for every level of endurance, this app offers a free trial and then is subscription based. 

  • 5. PopSugar Fitness via Youtube
  • Signing in to Youtube is like an encyclopedia. When it comes to fitness, the POPSUGAR Fitness channel is like a candy shop.  Choose between 10 minute to 1 hour Strength Training, Stretching, Aerobics, Low Impact and High Interval workouts-  this is a great way to get in a morning workout however you access youtube. 

    Whether you have someone to hold you accountable or not, these apps make it easy for you to try a new routine or get a fresh start in your fitness journey all in the comfort of your home.  Peace. Blessings. Enjoy!

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