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ATAERA BELLA is a clean, natural skin and body care company. We believe that true beauty radiates from the inside and glows on the outside by loving your natural daily.

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Stay pedi ready with our all-natural, moisturizing heel socks. 

At last, keep your pedicure in check with our moisturizing heel socks.  Comfortable and soft with mesh sides and elastic stretch, easily reduce friction and soften dry cracked heels. 

 Paired perfectly with our all-natural Foot Butter, use the Oh So Pedi Heel Socks to retain soft soles any time of the day. 

Our toe-less socks are made with special active gel enclosed in an elasticated fabric that is one size fits most.  Hypo-allergenic, the gel in the socks creates a barrier to repair dry, cracked heels. Use at any stage of your pedicure, to make your pedi last over time. 

+  Material: Cotton, Polyester, Gel

+  Uses:  Wear every day or after your pedicure. Toe-less to make it easy to polish the perfect 10.

+  Directions:   Use before, after and during pedicure to soften feet and reduce cracked heels. Follow up with our Let’s Be Pedi -  Foot Butter.

The Let’s Be Pedi Collection is an herbaceous natural foot care kit for the perfect Pedicure at home.  Our collection includes a Foot Soak that softens and revives, a Foot Scrub that gently cleanses and a Foot Butter that is a balm that replenishes and moisturizes dry cracked heels. When used together the Let’s Be Pedi Collection is an essential to keep your pedi sandal ready all year round.  

Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Organic | Natural


Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin.#LoveYourNatural #atarabae

[The best part of makeup is all in the bag. Keep your essentials organized and ready for your next adventure with the Pink Mindy MUA Clutch bag. 

Make a statement with this adorable pink and blue flower clutch that features an easy to clean liner, gold and white accents and zipper to tote your best glam and everyday look tools, lipstick and more in one place. 

    • Zippered
    • Water-resistant Liner
    • 100% polyester
    • Complimentary gift on $48 purchases
    • Standard Size comes as a gift.


Every woman needs a good bag to carry her essentials.  Especially a bag as cute as the Mindy MUA Clutch.  With all the frills of pink and orange flowers this clutch is tried, true and so cute.

  • Zippered
  • Standard & X-Large size(s)
  • Water-resistant Liner
  • 100% polyester
  • Complimentary gift on $48+ purchases

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