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About Us

ATAERA BELLA is a clean, natural skin and body care company. We believe that true beauty radiates from the inside and glows on the outside by loving your natural daily.

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We love to connect with Creatives and Freelancers to express and explore natural beauty.
  If you are interested in collaborating with  ATAERA BELLA , you've landed on the right page.



If you would like to offer your skills and discuss short and long-term projects, please email:

+  Do you offer an affiliate program?

Our new affiliate program offers an opportunity to share your feed, interest and love for natural beauty while getting paid, as you connect more with your audience. 


+  Do you have any requirements?

You'll need to have a platform & a Paypal account. Thats it!

We also suggest registering for a  Customer Account for shipping details and updates.


+  What is the rate for collaborating?

For more information on rates, please contact


+  How do I get started?

Register below. We will review your request, and be in touch soon.

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+  My order hasn't arrived yet.  Where can I find my order tracking details?

All of your order details are available in your  Customer Account Upon signing in, your tracking number will be in the Order section of your profile. If you already have your order number-  Click here.

If you have questions about your shipment, contact support - here.

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can also contact us at

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